About Us

Welcome to AKGTC

AKGTC is a young, vibrant and dynamic organisation dedicated and committed to providing customised best human resource practise and talent management solution to enhance the organisations productivity, performance and profits.

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Our Services

AKGTC specialises in Human Capital Learning & Development services.

Leadership Competencies

Self Leadership, Team Leadership, Organisational Leadership

Domain Competencies

Functional competencies across job families in respective functions e.g. HR, Finance, Communications

Generic Competencies

Adaptibility, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Problem Solving, Collaboration

AKGTC’s Clientele

We have provided our expertise and consultative experience to many organisations including those in Airlines, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Hospitality & Tourism, Defence & Armed Force, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Universities & Colleges, Hospitals & Pharmacies, Marketing, Communications & Media and Government Agencies.
Our clientele receives first class service of our range of “Human Capital Learning & Development Services”

AKGTC’s Global Country Connections